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About Us

Capt. Minas P. Manias established Seafarer Marine in 1986 from the Port of Houston, where he is currently stationed.

Our Mission

We are committed to safeguarding our client's interests applying our nautical expertise of many years in an effort to prevent damage and mitigate claims. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service ensuring optimum results while maintaining very competitive prices.

Capt. Minas P. Manias - President CEO

Captain Manias is a Sea Captain with over 38 years of experience in shipping. He has 22 years as a Marine Surveyor and a broad range of knowledge in Bulk Carriers, General Cargo, Steel Cargoes, and Tankers.


Pre-Purchase Surveys: We provide a full vessel evaluation reflecting actual conditions that enable our Principles to make vital decisions and estimate a Fair Market Value based on collected facts.

On/ Off Hire Surveys: We ascertain the condition of the vessel at the time of On Charter Hire and Off Charter Hire to determine change of condition, if any, during the charter period.

Damage Surveys: We provide a detailed inspection to certify the nature and extent of damage to the vessel's hull, machinery, dock, marine related structures, and equipment commodities. The survey also includes prep work for repair specifications, soliciting bids, negotiating costs, and supervising operations during repairs. We serve as adjusters for cargo losses, assisting in the final disposition to minimize losses through depreciation and or salvage sales.

Loading/Discharging/Securing: We supervise loading and discharging, as well as securing operations of the cargo or equipment. This expedites the operation and ensures proper utilization of equipment, preventing damage to the cargo during the ocean transit.

Preloading Surveys: We provide a detailed cargo inspection prior to loading on behalf of P&I clubs, ship owners, charters, insurance companies, shippers, receivers, and freight forwarders. This survey includes general and project cargo, as well as steel products, to determine the general condition and document any exceptions.

Hatch Opening & Outturn Surveys: We inspect the condition of the cargo prior to discharging and document any exceptions that occurred at the loading port or ocean transit. This survey represents P&I clubs, charters, ship owners, and receivers.

Hold Cleanliness Inspections: We inspect the cargo compartments to ensure they are clean and suitable to receive the intended cargo.

Cargo Separation Inspection: This inspection uses calculations to determine the accurate quantity of dry bulk to prevent contamination of cargo loaded into the same compartment.

Draft Displacement Surveys: This survey uses calculations to determine an accurate quantity of loaded or unloaded dry bulk cargo, which significantly minimizes the risk of claims due to shortages. The inspection includes, but is not limited to grain, fertilizers, fluorspar, steel, pet coke, barite and bauxite.

Grain Stability: Using calculations, we determine a vessels ability to comply with various national and international regulations relative to the stowage and carrier of bulk grain.

Bunker Survey & Bunkering: This survey uses calculations to determine accurate bunker quantities on board. Bunker quantifications, supplied by shore facilities, are sampled during the bunker process, as well as bunker reconciliation and consumption analysis.

Cargo Loss Control: We will be in attendance during loading or unloading operations while witnessing shore and ship gauging prior to and after operations. This includes calculating cargo quantities, comparing and analyzing vessel or shore cargo, and transferring quantities following ASTM and APT standards.

R.O.B. Inspections: We attend and supervise the last stages of discharge and stripping operations to minimize the R.O.B. quantity.

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